VW Camper Van Insurance

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In the 70s, the VW camper was a very popular van. The great bit about them is, if you look after them, they run for eternity. They where great for jumping in and going for weekends away with your friends for a quite relaxing break. They where a lot of bands in the 70s like the beetles and many and for people the VW camper was a blessing.

People where more chilled then comparing to the busy life styles we lead today. Then you had a bit of time, just in and go, you have everything you need on board for washing and sleeping in, what else did you need. The VW camper is today a great van for getting about, trips to Lock Lomond or tour the whole of Scotland, life’s great! So it worth find decant VW Camper Van Insurance.

Keep On Top Of Servicing

You should always make sure you have your VW camper serviced and checked out regular if you do travel in it often, because its a bit old thing tend to go wrong in older vehicles if you don’t keep the maintenance up on it. I’m sure you do keep on top of it and service you camper every 10000 mile.

Today you still see many of them on the road but they’re not as popular anymore, motor homes seem more in demand these days. Please note: Your VW camper van insurance could be voided if you have no MOT on your van.

Find Cheap VW Camper Van Insurance Online

Looking for VW camper van insurance at the best possible price you can find? Volkswagen camper vans come under the same insurance policy as a normal van. The reason insurance companies class Volkswagen camper vans under normal insurance is because plainly it is just a van with a difference body attached to it.


VW camper van insurance companies mainly take in to consideration the make and model of your van, the engine size and you as a driver. If you have been driving for a while and have build up some no-claims bonus you should get cover at a reasonable price.

If your VW camper van is a new one we would recommend you insurance it fully comp, because the last thing you want to worry about is thinking what your covered for.

With fully comp cover you can be assured with the right camper van insurance your VW camper van will get replaced if stolen or it goes on fire or something accidental like this happening to it.