Fleet Van Insurance

When business is concerned, you do not have time to waste the days away without a vehicle. Especially if your job requires you to transfer goods or provide service to various areas.


If your company is growing, then you no doubt have several working vans. You may or may not have experienced the aftermath of having one van in the repair shop due to an unfortunate accident or mechanical failure. Line van insurance, or van fleet coverage, is very beneficial to growing companies.

Benefits of Fleet Van Insurance

If you do not have several working vans for your company, but you are looking into expanding the transportation issue, then you may be wondering what a “fleet of vans” really are. A fleet of vehicles is best described as a large investment of vehicles made by your company.

It is important that you protect all of your company’s assets, including the transportation aspect. In order to do this, you need to have the appropriate insurance to protect your fleet of vans. Insuring all of your vehicles under one fleet van insurance policy will not only save you time, but also a great deal of money.

Fleet Van Insurance Requirements

When purchasing a policy with a fleet van insurance company, the age of your drivers will be evaluated. Each driver has to be over the age of 25 with at least two years of driving experience. However, you may be able to negotiate a way for a driver to be under the age requirement.

The only downside is the fact that your premium will increase dramatically. Each driver of the van has to have a full UK driving license for the type of vehicle that they are driving. For example, if they are driving a 32 ton van, then they will need a class one HGV license in order to operate the van.

Keep in mind that your previous claim record will be considered. If you have a bad claims record, then the policy can change and you will have to pay a higher premium. Each time you add a new driver to the policy and they have a bad driving record, you will be faced with a new and higher payment.

You will also have more restrictions if your policy has a bad record. To keep this from happening, make sure that all of your drivers have a good record and that they are experienced drivers.

Affordable Fleet Van Insurance

With regular vehicle insurance, your coverage is not required to be the same for each vehicle. You can ensure the van that is on the road the most with comprehensive coverage and then cover the other vans with third party fire and theft.

You can also add additional options to each plan to give you the most coverage for a smaller price. However, you will benefit from cheaper legal expenses if all of your vans are insured under one policy. Your fleet windscreens can also be covered for a smaller price under a fleet policy.

Fleet van insurance is also beneficial where risk management is concerned. A fleet insurance policy will ensure that all of your vehicles are covered and will reduce the risk for your business account. If your vans are covered under several different policies or companies, then each company can look at the price or the policy and this will cost your company more money in the long run.


Keep the following in mind to lower the cost of your premium:

  • Park your van in a safe area at night, such as a garage. Insurance companies will look to see how safe the area is and your premium will be based on the location.
  • >List additional drivers rather than choosing an “any driver” policy. Your premium will be less harsh.
  • Avoid making a claim whenever possible

Keep in mind that the fleet van insurance policy you choose may be very affordable but it may or may not cover the goods or tools in your van. Inquire about a “goods in transit” option when receiving your fleet van insurance quote. It is usually added separately but it may be an option for the commercial insurance.

The amount of the coverage will be based on the total value of the contents. The “goods in transit” option will cover theft, damage caused by accidents, and damage caused during transit. Vans and commercial vehicles have a greater chance for damage due to the weight and size.

Comparing Fleet Van Insurance Quotes

Therefore, the fleet van insurance company will see the vehicle as a higher risk. As long as you take the quality time to compare van quotes and companies, you will be able to acquire an affordable policy.