Private Van Insurance

Regardless of your age or driving history, it’s likely that you want a good-quality low-cost van insurance policy. And indeed, this is possible. Use our quoting engine to compare 30 private van quotes and find the best possible private policy for you.


When you buy private van insurance, first consider what level of insurance you going to need and what you’ll get for your money if you buy fully comprehensive insurance. Some policies include coverage for legal expenses and they also cover for replacement of your van if your van is out of service for repairs.

If you use your van all the time, you might want to think about buying Pay As You Go insurance. You pay for your insurance when you need it, but if your van is not in use for a period of time, you don’t pay for it when you’re not using it.

Where do you park your van and what do you keep in it? If you park your van off the road and it is fitted with an immobilizer, you can help to reduce your private van insurance premium.


If you’re a new van owner and have just bought your first one, it may be able to transfer any “no claims bonus” from your car insurance to your van insurance. In addition, if your driving history is not stellar, the right company can still keep your premium reasonable.

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If you use an online insurance company, you can keep your costs down. One company that has a good reputation and gives an honest deal to private van drivers is Yes Insurance. Our insurance panel can provide free legal expenses coverage with all of its private van insurance policies. You can also choose Pay As You Go insurance if you have periods of time when you don’t use your van. Your NCD is also valid for life once you earn a five-year “no claims” discount.

We can help save you money because it dispenses with using a broker and lets you deal with the insurer directly. You can use simple online forms to manage your policy, thus saving money that you would otherwise spend on your commission to a private van insurance broker.