Courier Van Insurance

Receive the greatest deals for your courier insurance that won’t exceed your budget. It is absolutely essential that you protect your business vehicles if you are managing a courier business with the best insurance tailored to your needs.


Far too many insurance providers assume that drivers who spend more hours on the road are higher insurance risks. These providers will automatically extend their cover to your courier business with higher premiums. Unfortunately it is not so easy to find good deals for your courier van insurance.

Get Properly Covered

Courier van business owners simply cannot risk skimping on the quality of their insurance. Neither a sole trader running their own van, nor a business fleet owner should neglect their responsibility to ensure their vans, their cargo and their drivers are adequately covered.

It is recommended that the owners of courier companies carefully check their insurance cover to make sure their policy includes goods in transit are fully covered for insurance compensation. Many courier business owners receive an unexpected surprise to find that in the event of a possible claim that their cargo in not covered.

Other Insurance Considerations

An adequate insurance policy must also include public and employers liability insurance. Adequate insurance policies must also include an emergency vehicle replacement option in the event that their essential van is out of operation. Ideally an adequate insurance policy for courier business owners will extend coverage options to include legal expenses where appropriate.

Finding the best courier van insurance deals to protect your business does require a little shopping around. Certainly we are one insurance provider that may be considered great value for money. We allows you to manage your insurance policy online and you deal direct with Yes Insurances quoting engine further saving cost of having to pay an insurance brokers commission.

Compare courier van insurance to get your insurance needs and requirements of the courier business.