Virgin Van Insurance

The Virgin Van Insurance Option!

Living in the UK, more than likely, you have heard of the company Virgin. They are best known for their affordable phone services, finance options, as well as pet or travelers insurance, and a whole lot more. Did you know that you can obtain van insurance through them as well? It may sound shocking, but it is true.

If you currently have pet and travelers insurance through Virgin, then you will qualify for extra discounts if you purchase another policy with them. They will also state that they will not charge you extra fees for having more than one type of policy with the company.

Virgin Van Insurance Insurance Options

With any automobile insurance company, there are three types of policies to choose from:

Virgin Van Insurance Third Party Only-

This is by far the most affordable option. The law in the UK requires every vehicle to have at least third party only coverage. If you have an accident, the damage that you do to another person’s property or car is covered. However, your car will not be covered.

You are only able to have this policy option if your van is worth less than £5,000. Virgin will not give you a quote for this policy via the Internet. They require you to contact them for more details.

Virgin Van Insurance Third Party Fire and Theft-

The second policy option is basically the same as the first, with the added benefit of protection against fire and theft. You will be covered if you do damage to someone else’s car, if your van catches fire or if someone steals the vehicle.

Virgin Van Insurance Comprehensive Cover-

The comprehensive policy is the best coverage you can obtain. It is more expensive than the other two policies, but you will feel much safer knowing that every detail is taken care of. Both you and your van will be covered for any accident that might occur, whether it be your fault or not.

You will also be protected against vehicle loss from theft or fire. Virgin will even give you a temporary van to drive while yours is being repaired. The only catch is that they have to approve the person working on your van.

No Claims Discount Protection

If you have had Virgin van insurance for your van for a year or more and you have not made a claim, then are eligible for a ‘no claims discount’. After you have had the ‘no claims discount’ for four years, then you are protected officially in the ‘no claims’ program.

It will cost a bit more to add this option to your policy. However, the benefits are very great. If you do have to make a claim, Virgin will pay for it and then when you renew your policy, you can still keep the ‘no claims discount’ option.

The only exclusion that applies is if you have been named on someone else’s policy for more than a year. In order to be eligible for the ‘no claims discount’, you must be the policy holder. However, Virgin van insurance does state that if you were claim free while on another policy, then they might be able to give you an introductory discount.

Keep in mind that if you submit a claim more than twice during a three year time period, or more than once during any year, then your claims discount will be affected.

Virgin van insurance is also unable to give you a ‘no claims discount’ if you have never had an insurance policy in your name. However, the situation is the same as if you were named on another policy previously. You will receive a discount. If you are claim free for one year, then you will then be eligible for the ‘no claims discount’ the following year.

Other reasons as to why you could receive an introductory discount are:

  • You have driven a company car
  • You have stopped using it within the last year
  • You have not had private insurance since then

If the above reasons match your situation, then Virgin van insurance will need a letter of verification from your employer to confirm the information.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Virgin insurance understands that accidents will happen, especially on the road. If you are in an automobile accident that is not your fault, and you are injured, then they will pay the legal costs to help recover your losses that are not listed on your van cover.

According to Virgin van insurance, they will pay up to £50,000. For example, if you are in a rental car when the accident occurs, your fees associated with the accident will still be covered even though the rental car is not listed on the policy. This option also covers any authorized drivers and your passengers travelling with you at the time of the accident.