Van Insurance Companies Compare 66 Prices

Your guide to UK van insurance companies and what you should consider when your looking for a good van insurance company for your commercial vehicles.

If you need third-party coverage, you might also want to consider fire and theft or comprehensive cover. It is useful in the following situations:

1. When a vehicle is stolen or if the vehicle is damaged in the attempt to steal it.
2. When a vehicle is damaged by fire, lightning or explosion.

Especially if your vehicle is stolen, you will be compensated for the value of your vehicle. If it is damaged, then you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of repairing the vehicle depending on the van insurance companies and the policy you choose.

A summary of third party fire and theft coverage is that it:

1. Provides you with the minimum amount of coverage you must have to legally drive your vehicle.

2. Covers you if the vehicle is stolen.

3. Covers you if the vehicle is damaged by fire, lightning or explosion.

What you should look for when you purchase van insurance from van insurance companies?

When you get a quote from van insurance companies, you should take note of the following:

1. The amount of coverage you purchase
2. How you use the vehicle you’re covering
3. Any restrictions or exclusions in the coverage
4. Benefits offered by the coverage

What Coverage Do You Need?

How do you determine whether you need third-party only, third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive coverage? It depends on your particular situation and the van insurance companies.

In regard to how you use your vehicle, there are two types of coverage offered. One type of coverage is for “social domestic and pleasure,” or sort SD&P. This includes non-work-related use such as going to the shopping centre, visiting family, or other social uses.

The other type of coverage is for “business use,” namely, going to work. Do you use your car just to go to work, or do you also use it to visit family and other “social” activities?

Restrictions and Exclusions Involved

When you’re researching different van insurance policies, make sure you know what the restrictions and exclusions for each are before you choose one. Some policies may have restrictions that don’t apply to you, but some will make the policy less than useful or even useless to you.

For example, some policies restrict use of your vehicle such that you are not covered between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless the vehicle is armed with an alarm and immobilised. If it is not under such restrictions during these hours, you have invalidated your policy and you are not covered.

Benefits of Various Van Insurance Companies

Depending on the type of van insurance policy you have, you will have different benefits from different van insurance companies. These may include:

  • Coverage of related legal expenses

  • Use of a courtesy vehicle in the event your vehicle is inoperable

  • Uninsured loss recovery

For some policies, these benefits are included as part of your policy with your premium payment and for others, you have to pay additional fees for these services. Check to make sure what if anything your policy covers in this regard. For the best price you should always compare van insurance companies.