Swinton Van Insurance

Swinton van insurance has long been recognized as an excellent cover provider in the U.K. If you’re looking for Swinton van insurance, you are assured of finding it for any category of van: personal passenger van, caravan, or business and professional van use.

In addition, Swinton offers extra cover for specified other items in your van, from modifications to tools and equipment carried regularly. Here’s what you need to know.

Swinton Van Insurance for Personal Passenger Vans

As with other insurers, personal passenger vans are treated the same way personal passenger cars are by Swinton Insurance. You’ll need the same cover as for cars, and you can purchase a rider for cover in Europe as well if you need to drive there.

If you own personal passenger vans as part of your business fleet, you may want to look at Swinton Insurance for professional use vans. In certain cases, you may be able to get a better price by insuring your fleet vans under this classification.

Swinton Van Insurance for Caravans

Whether you have a touring caravan, a static caravan, or a motorhome, you can get Swinton Insurance cover for it. All Swinton van insurance for caravan-type vehicles goes through Safeguard, who have specialized in caravan coverage for years.

Some of the extras you’ll find by going through Swinton Insurance for cover include things like breakdown insurance, windscreen and body glass cover, annual European cover, a high-limit personal belongings cover, portable generator cover, motorhome awnings cover, gas bottles cover, cover for a replacement driver (in case the primary driver is ill while you’re abroad), and even cover if your gas bottle explodes and damages your caravan.

The two most attractive bonuses, however, are the 2 years new-for-old replacement policy and the very useful driver’s legal protection option. If your caravan or motorhome has been driven less than 15K miles and was purchased new, Swinton Insurance can ensure it is replaced with a new model if the van is totaled within two years of purchase.

And if you purchase the option, you can have up to £75,000 of legal expenses covered for a no-fault accident injury claim for damages to you and your van that are not covered by your regular van cover.

Swinton Van Insurance for Professionals

Swinton Insurance also covers professional use vans of all sorts, from window washer vans to package delivery vans to vans used by every type of workman. They can often offer extra cover to take care of special modifications done to vans, and do sell special insurance cover for the contents of vans.

Swinton Insurance cover can take care of legal liability, accidental damage to van and contents, fire damage, theft of van or contents, and damage done maliciously either in order to steal contents or just because the perpetrator is a bad person. If you have an accident, Swinton Insurance also has drivers legal protection.

The simplest way to purchase Swinton van insurance cover is to use their AXA online portal, which requires that you be employed full time, that you own a commercial van, and that its gross vehicle weight is no higher than 4.5 tons.

If AXA is not a choice you wish to make, you can also call Swinton Insurance direct, and they will find you the best possible insurance deal for commercial vehicles up to three and a half tons.