Kwik Fit Van Insurance

Kwik Fit van insurance team knows how precious your time is and how easily accidents can happen. They believe in reducing the cost of van insurance policies and having a good quality coverage that will withstand all occurrences. Their belief is that they can reduce the cost of van cover, without reducing the quality of coverage.

Their panel of leading insurance agents can help you find the best possible rate. On top of that, you will receive a Kwik-Fit AutoSave Card which will give you an automatic 10% off of everything that you buy for the vehicle at Kwik-Fit shops.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Policies

As with any van insurance company, there are three different policies to choose from: third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. If you are in an accident and there is another car involved, third party only will cover the other car and any injuries the driver might encounter.

Third party fire and theft will also cover the other driver’s expenses, while the comprehensive plan will cover both you and the other driver. Keep in mind that even though you are offered the basic additions in the policy, you can also add extra incentives which are listed below the description of the policies.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Incentives

Even though the policies offered by Kwik Fit van insurance cover just about everything, there are still a few extra incentives that you can benefit from. When you are given a quote, you will be able to choose as many as you want from the following options:

Kwik Fit Van Insurance AutoSave Card:

As I mentioned earlier, you will be entitled to a Kwik-Fit AutoSave Card when you become a policy holder. This unique savings option will allow you to save 10% on all vehicle related supplies. For example, you can save on brakes, service inspections, exhausts, oil, filters, tires, and batteries. The list goes on. You will save even more, approximately 15% if you purchase the items from the online catalogue.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Key Cover:

Our life is not always slow and carefree. It is very easy to lose important items, such as car keys. As well as being lost or stolen, the chance of your keys getting broken in the door or by another source is very easy to happen.

The Kwik-Fit van insurance Key Cover was designed to provide coverage in the event that your keys are lost, stolen, or broken. A £10 reward will be given to anyone who returns your keys if they are lost. The program will cover approximately annual fees that add up to £1500 for a new set of locks and keys, locksmiths charges, and rental cars.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Breakdown Cover:

Unfortunately, breakdowns can happen at the most unexpected, and inconvenient times. Kwik-Fit van insurance team understands how much you depend on your vehicle, so they want you to depend on them. You can choose between two types: Kwik-Assist Roadside and Kwik-Assist Recovery Plus.

Each one offers assistance 24 hours of the day, and 365 days a year. There are over 5000 trained mechanics in the network who will respond to your call within 40 minutes from the time the message is sent.

Keep Motoring On:

If your van has engine trouble or you are in an accident, the Keep Motoring program will supply you with a temporary van so that you can stay on the road. The vehicle will be available for up to 14 days. The Keep Motoring program is a new incentive from Kwik-Fit van insurance that has already shown to be very useful for businesses and regular consumers.

You will be provided with a category A car, such as a Ford Ka, and you will be given the option to upgrade to a large vehicle. You will be saving around £24.99 plus VAT per day and you will be given the added benefit of being able to avoid other means of transportation.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Legal Arrangement Fee:

If your are involved in an accident that is not your fault then Kwik-Fit van insurance will cover your expenses that are not listed in your policy. They will provide up £75,000 for legal expenses.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance Payment Protection Plan:

It is always nice to have a backup method for certain emergencies. If you are in an accident, you become ill, unemployed, or any other reason that you are not able to make the premium payments, then you will be taken care of.

As long as you are paying for your insurance in monthly instalments, then you can sign up for the Kwik-Fit van insurance Payment Protection Plan. If the worst were to happen, then your insurance will be paid for you.

The following will qualify you for assistance:

  • Unable to work for more than 30 days in a consecutive period.
  • If the unemployment lasts for twelve months or more, then they will pay one thirtieth of the monthly premium.
  • As long as you work 16 hours per week, have been employed under this circumstance for the past six months, are aged over 18, and will be under 65 when your policy expires then you are eligible for the payment protection.