HSBC Van Insurance

Every van insurance provider in the UK is different, and HSBC van insurance offers a unique solution in comparison to other van insurance providers. The HSBC strives to enjoy comprehensive business van insurance which comes with a deep level of benefits that exist to create a “total solution” for business owners and companies who use vans for their business purposes.

Explore The Benefits

Some of the benefits that come with HSBC comprehensive van insurance cover include unlimited legal costs, should an accident occur that involves the bodily injury or death of a third party, and up to £5 Million in legal coverage should a third party’s property be damaged, or as many as £250 thousand should hazardous goods be involved in the accident.

Additional benefits associated with the HSBC van insurance cover offered to business van owners and drivers includes new for old replacement of any vehicle involved in an accident or collision provided that the vehicle is under a year old, and that it was owned since it was registered for the first time.

Offering Equipment Cover

HSBC van insurance also offers unlimited equipment cover for audio equipment for up to £750 if the equipment was not standard with the building of the vehicle, or unlimited if the equipment came standard with the vehicle.

HSBC van insurance cover includes a reimbursement of up to £200 in cover for personal belongings or tool items, but this does not include cards, jewellery, money and cell phones.

In some but not all cases, HSBC van insurance coverage may also offer coverage for loss of your vehicle, or damage to your vehicle up to the cost of the market value of said vehicle based on specific criteria including age, condition and mileage of your vehicle before it was lost or damaged.

Covering Your Van Locks

This coverage through HSBC van insurance may also include cover for as much as £500 to change the locks on your vehicle should the keys be stolen or lost, but only if the situation is reported to the local police within twenty four hours of the incident.

HSBC van insurance also offers accident Recovery programs both within Europe and in the UK, the provision of a courtesy van during the period where your vehicle is being replaced or repaired, as much as £200 in cover for medical expenses for each of the people in your vehicle at the time of an accident or collision, and a variety of additional assistance including vehicle rescue, van hire and legal protection.

HSBC van insurance, then, provides a myriad of different services that make this particular type of van insurance cover worthwhile when it comes to protecting yourself, your vehicle, your passengers, your possessions, and your peace of mind.

Compare More Than HSBC for Van Insurance

If you do not already have adequate van insurance cover, now may be the time to check out what HSBC van insurance has to offer you in terms of low cost, high protection cover for your personal van vehicle.