Escort Van Insurance

Buying Inexpensive Escort Van Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance for your Escort van, you may have a pleasant surprise. Because the Escort is built on a car and not a truck frame, Escort insurance is based more on the prices for car insurance than truck insurance.


But even though rates for Ford Escort van insurance tend to be somewhat lower than other van insurance rates, you’ll still want to save as much money as possible on your insurance. For the best possible prices, use the following advice as a guideline and checklist when shopping for cover.

Here’s Some Useful Information

1. Make sure you buy exactly the cover you need in your Escort van insurance, no more and no less. Most people purchase too much cover for their vans. If you’re using your Escort van for home or light use and you own it outright, you don’t need more than minimum coverage. If the bank has a lien on your van, you’ll need full cover. Otherwise, you should choose only the options you really want over your basic minimum legal cover.

2. Max out the safety and theft-proof equipment in your Escort van. Insurance companies like cars that are extra proof against thieves, especially if you have full cover on your van. Safety devices save money in the long run, as you either have fewer accidents or suffer fewer injuries in accidents – both good for you and for the Escort van insurance company.

3. Pay attention to where you park your van at night. This is important in two senses. Escort van insurance rates are based on the postal code of the van’s normal night-time parking space. If you have the option of parking at home or at work, you might want to opt for the lowest-cost spot.


Also, vans parked on the street are more susceptible to theft. If you park your van in a locked garage at night, you minimize your exposure to thieves, and the insurance company will reward you for it thought your Escort van insurance policy.

4. Read everything, including optional riders, to make sure you get all the insurance you need. This can’t be emphasized too much. With bare-bones cover, Escort van insurance is not going to cover things like driving in Europe or getting a free loaner vehicle while your van is being repaired after an accident. Always make sure you get all the options you need.

5. Look for every possible discount. This could be a discount for purchasing Escort van insurance online, or it could be safe-driver discounts. The best way to determine whether you have the best deal with discounts and good coverage: shop online at insurance aggregators, where you can get prices on several different insurance companies and choose the best rates out of them.

You may also want to call your current home or business insurance agent to see if you can get a discount for purchasing Escort van insurance through them.

6. If you have some savings, you’re a safe driver, and you really want to save money on your van cover, consider opting for a high deductible. While a high deductible means you’ll have to pay the first thousand or two thousand out of your own pocket in case of an accident, good drivers will come out ahead because they won’t be having at-fault accidents they have to pay for.

Use a Comparison website to Compare Quote

To ensure any costs that do come along are covered, put the difference in your deductible in a special bank account. Chances are good you’ll hit a breakeven point at about two years of Escort van insurance coverage, and if you haven’t had an accident at that point, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of money.