Cornhill Direct Van Insurance

Find out what Cornhill Direct van insurance has to offer.

If you’re interested in finding protection for your commercial vehicle or van, you can find it with Cornhill Direct. You need to have your property covered in case the unexpected happens. Insurance is the answer to make sure that you won’t have to pay for the cost of replacing your commercial vehicle. It will also protect you from the potential loss of earnings that would occur if you were not able to replace your vehicle.


Cornhill Direct provide car, home and commercial vehicle insurance – buy online and save up to 10%. Cornhill Direct offer no compromise cover at a great price and as part of the Allianz (UK) Group – we are experienced in protecting what matters to you.

Cornhill Direct van insurance offers a number of important benefits. These include liability and legal coverage up to an amount of five million pounds, replacement or repair of your vehicle if it is lost or damaged in an accident, accident recovery abroad in the EU, new for old replacement of the vehicle if it is less than a year old, coverage for your personal possessions and important tools, unlimited coverage on all audio equipment, and a discount for applying online. You can also get a no claims bonus or discount for not having claims on your account.

If you’re looking for quality commercial vehicle or van coverage, look online to find out if Cornhill Direct is the company for you. You can start enjoying the protection offered by commercial vehicle insurance today, with Cornhill Direct.