More Than Van Insurance

If you have been searching for van insurance, more than likely you have come across quite a few different companies along the way. Yes, there are many different companies out there that provide van insurance, and once you realize how many there are, you may find it hard to pick out the right company for your needs.

One excellent company that you may want to consider is the More Than van insurance company, which is a highly respected company in the UK today. So, what makes the More Than van insurance company any better than the rest? Well, take a look at the benefits you can enjoy and decide for yourself.

Find Cover for Every Model

One of the main benefits that you’ll enjoy when you decide to go with the More Than van insurance company is that you can actually get the cover that you need, no matter what model of van you prefer to drive.

Whether you drive a Ford or some other type of model, you’ll find great cover with this great insurance company for vans. So, if you need insurance for a variety of different van models, you’ll find the cover that you need for every van when you go with this company for the insurance that you need for your vans.

Get a Discount for Purchasing Online

Another great benefit that can be enjoyed when you decide to go with More Than for your van insurance needs is a great discount when you purchase online. While you don’t have to purchase this insurance online, you’ll actually get a great discount just for making your purchase online.

The More Than company will actually give you 20% off if you make the purchase online. So, when you go with More Than van insurance, you’ll actually get great savings, which is very useful when you are trying to find great deals on van insurance for your company.

Great No Claims Bonus Available

Not only can you find a great online discount when you go with More Than van insurance, but you can also get a great no claims bonus if you qualify as well. This type of a bonus is available for people who have gone for a certain amount of time with no claims at all. So, when you make no claims, you can save quite a bit of money.

If you can go for 5 years without ever having to make a claim, you can actually save 60% off your van insurance policy, which is a huge savings. This is yet another great benefit you can enjoy when you go with the More Than van insurance company.

Name Drivers for an Added Discount

If you want to benefit even more from your More Than insurance policy and you want to save more money, you should name all the drivers of the van. When you actually name all the drivers that are ever going to drive the van, you’ll get a great discount.

More Than van insurance will actually provide you with a 17% discount when you do this, which is an excellent discount that will really help you to save even more money.

Pay in Installments Interest Free

If you need to pay your insurance in installments, the More Than van insurance company will allow you to do this without having to pay any interest. While there are many companies that will charge you interest if you pay your van insurance in installments, this company does not.

So, even if you can’t pay the whole policy fee up front, even if you do pay over time you won’t have to worry about paying more over time, since More Than van insurance provides you with this service for free.

Reputable Company with Good Customer Service

Last of all, you’ll also find that the More Than company has a great reputation and they also offer excellent customer service as well. Both of these qualities are important when you are choosing a van insurance company, and More Than offers both.

So, if you need great customer service and you want to be sure that you have your van insurance with a company that has an excellent reputation in the UK, More Than van insurance is a great choice to make for your van insurance needs.