Why You Should Choose Direct Line Van Insurance

One of the things you’ll find with Direct Line van insurance is their unique no-claims discount. For every year that named drivers on the Direct Line policy make no claims, they will receive a discount of up to five years.

Direct Line Unique No-Claims Discount

This is not limited to just the driver, but also to every named driving family member; if your daughter is covered under your policy and then wants her own when she’s out of the house, all her years of no claims will count in her favour on her new policy, automatically getting her a very good rate on cover.

Advantages With Getting Insured With Direct Line

Direct Line has a number of other advantages and discounts. If you purchase your cover over the Internet, for instance, you’ll get a generous discount on your insurance. If you have multiple vehicles that need cover, you can get a great discount as well. And if you have a loan or are using other services through Direct Line, you’ll be eligible for additional discounts.

One of the best features of Direct Line van insurance is the new member fixed price discount. This guarantees you a set rate for your van insurance through Direct Line without any increases in rates for two years, provided there are no changes to the policy like accidents or added options.

Keeping Your Insurance All In One Place

One of the best ways to save money on all van insurance is to purchase it through the same insurer who provides other insurance for your home, business, or other possession. Direct Line is one of the best insurance companies for this sort of bundled coverage. If you have home insurance, life insurance, or even travel or pet insurance, Direct Line can offer you a discount on your van insurance as well.

The biggest problem with Direct Line is that, with all the discounts, it’s difficult to sort out your best deal with them. If you’re purchasing insurance for a single vehicle, this isn’t too bad; you can read through everything and purchase your insurance online with the assurance that you have picked up all the discounts you’re entitled to.

Direct Line For Fleet Van Insurance

If you’re purchasing insurance for several vehicles, it works out cheaper to purchase from an agent. While you will lose the online discount, you will gain the advantage of a knowledgeable professional who can help you work out all the options and, ultimately, purchase insurance for a better discount than you’d get if you had tried to do it yourself.

One last benefit of Direct Line van insurance – you can settle most claims over the phone. Unlike many insurance companies, Direct Line believes in taking you at your word. Some claims will still require a visit, but as many as 95% of claims can be settled with a phone call. For speed and simplicity, you can’t beat that.