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Yes insurance is an insurance provider in the UK. The company is challenging the current situation on several extremely dangerous UK roads by demanding action be imposed increase safety on them; some of the current “most dangerous” examples include the A54 in Derbyshire, the A682 in Yorkshire, and the A84 in Scotland.

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Safety features would include installing crash barriers and realigning junctions, as well as improving traffic signage and an increase in white lines. The insurance provider states that these are among the most needed improvements for these dangerous stretches of road.

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EuroRAP, which is the European Road Assessment Programme, states that the UK’s three most dangerous roads are:

-A682: this is currently the most dangerous road in Britain. From junction 13 on the M65 to the A65 at Long Preston, North Yorkshire, 27 fatalities or serious collisions occurred on just collisions this 24 km stretch of the A682 during the survey period of 2001 to 2003.

-A54: From Congleton, Cheshire to Buxton, Derbyshire, 20 fatal or serious collisions occurred on just 24 km stretch of road.

-A84: 29 fatal or serious collisions occurred on 44 km of the A84 between junction 10 on the M9 to Lochearnhead in Scotland.

Yes Insurance Reports Dangerous Roads

This is by no means an exhaustive list of those roads that are most dangerous. Others include: the A59 road from Skipton to Harrogate in Yorkshire; the A53 road from Leek in Staffordshire to Buxton, Derbyshire; the A62 stretch of road from Oldham to Huddersfield; the A44 from Leominster to Worcester; the A65 from Long Preston to junction 36 on the M6; and the A631 stretch of road from Gainsborough to the A1103.


Paul Purdy of Yes insurance has stated that the EuroRAP survey is the most accurate safety survey of roads in the UK currently. It does not simply base results on the number of accidents that have occurred, but takes into account how heavily traveled each road is as well.

To read the full EuroRAP survey results, visit here. The website also has a search engine so that you can look up the EuroRAP risk ratings for individual roads in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Switzerland.

Paul Purdy stated that single carriageway roads in rural areas that can be hilly are among the most dangerous sections of road in the UK. In addition, the risk is higher if the road leads to popular destinations such as national parks. By contrast, said Mr. Purdy, motorways are among the safest.

In spite of the fact that levels of traffic are increasing, deaths due to traffic accidents have fallen in recent years, from a high of 7,985 in 1966 to 3,201 in 2005. Reasons for this decrease in fatalities include stricter attitudes toward drunk driving and seatbelt inclusion, as well as car technology advances that make cars safer.

Paul Purdy stated that at present, the greatest road safety benefits can be achieved by improving signage and layout of roads, and by improving crash barriers.

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Yes Insurance provides competitive Car, Van, and Home insurance via its website, and says that Britain’s drivers are some of the safest in the world.

As the latest OECD figures from 2004 show, Great Britain was third lowest with accident rates; its ratio was 5.5 deaths on the road per 100,000 in population, which closely matches Sweden’s rates of 5.3 in Sweden and 4.9 in the Netherlands.

By contrast, the USA showed an astonishing rate of 14.5 deaths per 100,000 in population. In Europe, Poland had fared the worst, at 15.0 deaths per 100,000, close to that of the United States. Portugal’s rate was 12.3, Spain 11.0, Italy 9.7, France 9.2, and Germany 7.1.

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EuroRAP, the European Road Assessment Programme, is an international nonprofit association from Belgium. Its members include motoring organisations, road authorities both nationally and regionally based, and experts on road safety. Visit Yes Insurance.