Pay-As-You-Go: Monthly Van Insurance

Monthly van insurance provides you with a policy based on one month at a time. You can switch it on and off when you need it. It is a very flexible insurance cover.

On the month your pay as you go van insurance policy expires, a renewal notice will be sent to you by post or preferably E-mail. If you want to carry on another month for business van insurance, when you buy your policy the insurance company will automatically collect the monthly premium from your bank (with your permission).

If you want to cancel your pay as you go van insurance policy at the end of the month, you need to go on-line. When your on the this website, sign into your account and cancel your policy before the end of the month, before the expiry date.

  • Get cover up to 4 drivers on 4 different vehicles.
  • Earn 1-year NCD for only 8 months’ claim free cover.
  • Maximum NCD guaranteed for life.
  • The monthly rate you are quoted will be guaranteed for 8 months providing no changes are made to your insurance policy.

Receive A Monthly Cover Guarantee

If you have earned your maximum No Claims Discount you can keep it for life! Pay as you go van insurance will not cut your NCD following any number of claims you have made.

This outstanding benefit is only available to all businesses that have 5 or more years NCD. Once you earn 5 years NCD your NCD will be guaranteed for life. What an excellent benefit for your business.

Rapid Bonus Accelerator

The Rapid Bonus Accelerator allows you to earn 1 years NCD for 8 months’ cover if you don’t make a claim within 8 months.

The Rapid Discount Accelerator is available on the Pay-as-you-Go cover and means that you can earn 5 years NCD in just 40 claim-free months! Once you reach 5 years’ NCD of course your Bonus will be guaranteed for the life of your policy.

European Cover

Some Insurance policies provide cover within the Territorial Limits of the policy all the way through the policy year. This extension is provided for travel only. Your must permanently live in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man free European Cover.

Free Breakdown Recovery

Pay as you go van insurance covers the drivers and passengers who drive your vans. With your business van insurance your covered if you breakdown anywhere in the…

  • United Kingdom
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands

You will be provided with high-level cover with your business van insurance, including:

  • Roadside repairs to you company vans
  • Home breakdown service
  • Vehicle recovery service
  • Getting you where you want to go

Legal Expenses

All business van insurance policies come with full Legal Cover included in the cost.

This will cover you for any legal expenses (up to £100,000) you incur as the result of an accident that is not the drivers fault in the insured vehicle.

Monthly van insurance cover includes: Uninsured losses (damage to personal belongings in the vehicle) Claiming compensation for drivers injuries Hiring a replacement Van repairs (if you don’t have fully comp cover).